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Practical and useful commentary on the clean energy revolution.

Comparing solar energy quotes: Go from confused to confident!

Why Solar Energy? Installing solar energy for your home or business is a great investment. And the icing on the cake: going solar also reduces your household's impact on the environment! Chances are there are several solar installers in your area. Go ahead and give...

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Personal Development & Environmental Collapse!?

As an academic and economist, I’m a little uncomfortable admitting that I’m somewhat of a personal development junkie. I read books that provide advice on how to live a fuller life and I regularly listen to personal development podcasts from the likes of Tim Ferris,...

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EVs are a 20X Energy Storage Resource Relative to Grid Storage

Steven Letendre, PhD The nation's energy systems are in the process of fundamental change driven largely by advances in technology and policy. Two of the closest watched trends in the energy industry today are electric vehicle sales and grid-connected battery storage...

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Growing Marijuana with Solar Energy: Then & Now!

Growing marijuana in Vermont is now legal, effective July 1, 2018. While I don't plan on growing marijuana plants in my garden, I do have a modest grid-connected solar PV array in my yard. I produce about as much power as my family uses each year using solar. You may...

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Getting Energy Fit!

Many of us struggle to achieve our ideal weight and maintain optimal fitness. The summer brings both challenges and opportunities. The long sunny days give us ample opportunity to be outside doing activities such as biking and swimming that help us stay fit. At the...

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Storing solar energy…not ready for prime time!

In my business as a solar consultant, people ask me all the time about using batteries to store the solar energy they produce when they install solar PV on their home or business. I usually respond by talking about how we humans store solar energy around our...

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